Being raised at Hatay amongst different cultures, flamboyant clothes of the area, traditional art… Moreover when you add his talent on art to the above merits, you will get to know the origin of creative adventure of the fashion designer, Mr. Mehmet Kimyon. With the help and support of his mother, he had stepped into the dressmaking business. When he had arrived in Istanbul in 1995, he had entered a two year of Mediha Yener’s School of Stylist and Modelist. At the same time, he had taken lessons of Special Fashion Design from Ms. Ayten Elbasan, Fashion Design Teacher from Beylerbeyi Finishing School for 3 years. By perfecting himself on sewing and stencils, he began to create and prepare collections for grand ateliers and well known companies of Osmanbey prêt a porter textile area.

After his education, he had worked as a amateur designer for the theatre of Istanbul Technical University for a long time. In the light of this amateur heart, he began to give importance to fashion.

He went to Beirut in 2005 to work as a designer at a well known haute couture company, stayed there for a long time, then returned to Istanbul.
After all this hard work, in 2011, he created his own brand (KEMMOUNİ) by creating and making haute couture and special designs in his name (MEHMET KİMYON).

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